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    As your local excavator in Carlyle, IL, what do we do?

    Whether you are building a home, trying to incorporate new landscaping into your yard, or having drainage problems at your business, excavator services are key. Having a sturdy and durable foundation is the number one importance when building a new home or business, otherwise, your home is susceptible to potential damages like cracking, and other structural damage. So, what do we do?

    Prepare job sites:

    If you are undergoing new home construction, the first step is clearing your foundation of soil and other debris. We test your soil and make sure it can support a house.

    Collaborate with other contractors:

    Building a custom home or dredging a lake is a major project and sometimes excavation services involve communicating with other contractors to ensure everyone is one the same page. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service.

    Transport dirt, sand, and silt:

    Dredging ponds, rivers, and lakes are common due to boats dragging sand and silt into the harbor. With our equipment, we can safely extract the sediment out. Dredging helps remove sediment buildup and helps increase the depth of bodies of water which prevents erosion on the shoreline.

    Operate heavy equipment:

    We own all our equipment, we don’t factor in hidden rental fees because we don’t have to. Other companies who don’t own equipment, stick you with the bill if they rent equipment. Dump trucks, mini excavators, backhoes, skids, and more.

    Competitive bids and offers:

    Our staff are well experienced and trained to handle any job. With over 40 years of experience, we are confident in our excavating services. With every job, we provide competitive bids and offers.

    We offer the following commercial and excavation services:

    Land Clearing
    Site Work
    Shoreline Stabilization
    Storm Drainage
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    Residential Excavation Carlyle

    A residential excavator is more useful than most realize. Yes, we play a prominent role in the construction of a brand-new custom home, however, we also assist with your landscape, drainage problems, establishing a sturdy foundation, and more. Diekemper Excavating has been specializing in residential excavation for over 40 years and can handle any project of any size. We have worked on new home construction, housing developments, room additions, and other remodeling projects. Our residential excavating services include:

    Land Clearing
    Topsoil Stripping
    Basements & Crawlspace Additions
    Utility Lines and Pipes
    Prep Work for Concrete and Driveways

    Commercial Excavation Carlyle

    Having a successful commercial building construction project completed starts with a quality excavation service. It could be a new commercial building, incorporating a room addition or a remodeling project, excavation work is essential to starting your project off on the right foot. Our team is loaded with experience and passion, waiting to deliver quality excavating services in the form of:

    Land Clearing
    Topsoil Stripping
    Demolition of Existing Buildings
    Laying Foundation
    Storm Water Management
    Digging Trenches for Utility Lines and Pipes
    Prep Work for Laying Concrete and Driveways
    commercial excavation carlyle illinois

    Contact our staff today for a free estimate on our commercial and residential excavation services in Carlyle Illinois.

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