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    Comprehensive Excavating Services in Carlyle, IL

    Diekemper Excavating services help build bridges, remove sediment from bodies of water, lay foundations, and dig basements. In addition, we can also ensure your site is ready for construction with our site preparation service. For more information about our excavating services in Carlyle, Illinois, contact our experienced contractors. To help understand a little more about your local excavators, let’s talk about the various types of excavation:

    Our Excavating Services Includes:

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    Topsoil pertains to the first couple of inches of earth’s surface which includes vegetation and soil. Topsoil tends to have the most moisture content, which is why our excavating contractors remove it. It is also compressible and as a result, you can’t build on top of it. After digging out your topsoil, we can reach the surface of the earth that is drier and more capable of handling a building. If you want to build, pave, or alter your landscape then removing your topsoil is a must.


    The next layer, between topsoil and rock, is the earth. Sometimes, for foundations and drainage ditches, we have to remove the earth layer.


    Also known as boulders, this layer is much heavier and more durable than the previous. To remove these, our contractors drill and blast their way through the rock layer.


    Muck means that it is soil with a large water content. Since every foundation constructed needs to be strong and durable, having a loose consistency like muck is never ideal. We remove the muck from your site.

    Trench Excavation

    A trench is much longer than it is deep but can still go beyond 6 meters in depth. Our experienced contractors can dig trenches to help you put in your utility lines and pipes, or if you need to access one to make a repair.

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    Basement Excavation

    If your basement is partially or fully underground, Diekemper Excavating can excavate it. However, the deeper your basement the more expensive the project.


    Dredging is used to scoop out muck and silt from lakes, ponds, and embankments. This helps increase the depths of waters to allow boats to pass through and also prevents erosion along the shoreline.

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