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    Agricultural Excavator in Carlyle, IL

    You can call on Diekemper Excavating if you need an agricultural excavator in Carlyle, Illinois. We can help build the foundation of your new milking parlor or chicken coup and assist with your soil erosion problems. If you have a farm or agricultural land, we can help you make the most of it. Your experienced, professional land clearing, site preparation, and drainage solutions are only a phone call away!

    manure management carlyle illinois

    The Importance of Farmers' Lagoons in Carlyle, Illinois

    One of the most important aspects of having livestock on a farm is manure management.

    Farmers are monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) when it comes to their livestock’s waste and how it is managed. Many different guidelines must be followed and maintained. Not everyone has time to haul their cattle manure every day. This can be a problem if it starts to build up and over time. An excellent solution for this problem is to have a lagoon dug on your farm. Diekemper Excavating will send a professional out to your farm to discuss with you all the possibilities that we can provide for your new lagoon and what will need to be done.

    Once a farmer has decided to have a lagoon dug into his property, we can then begin to unearth the lagoon.

    We will dig it to the specification that the farmer wants and as wide as the farmer requests. When it is all dug to those specifications, it is time to pour some concrete so that the manure has a way to enter the lagoon and leave. With the lagoon ready to be utilized, the farmer can stop worrying about hauling all the waste from their livestock. After so long, the farmer will have to have the lagoon contents irrigated out to their fields. This will help fertilize the ground by adding the needed nitrogen back into the soil that last year crops have taken out of it.

    Agricultural Excavating Services

    • We Can Help with the Demolition of Existing Structures
    • Lay the Foundation for New Buildings or Additions
    • Help with Laying Utility Lines and Pipes Underground
    • Land Clearing for Site Preparation
    • Topsoil Stripping
    • Prep Work for Laying Concrete and Driveways
    • Dig Trenches for Manure Storage Pits and Lagoons
    • Erosion Control
    • And More!

    Since 1977, Diekemper Excavating has been providing quality agricultural excavating services in Carlyle, IL, and the surrounding area. We provide free estimates for all our services. Contact our friendly staff today for more information about how we can better service your farm or agricultural land.

    agricultural excavation carlyle illinois
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