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    Excavation and Demolition in Carlyle, IL

    Diekemper Excavating does more than just hauling dirt.

    We also provide site preparation, grading, trenching, excavating and other construction projects throughout Carlyle, Illinois.

    Regardless if you are a construction site manager or building a house, there’s a variety of reasons that you need a contractor nearby. Diekemper Excavating clears the site of your foundation, dig holes to lay the foundation, remove waste from construction sites, and many other different construction projects. Some of our most common services are for: new building construction, landscaping, needing to place pipes, handling materials, and construction roads.

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    Commercial excavation isn’t a commonly used service, however, if your business needs help clearing land, has damaged pipes, drainage problems, going through an environmental cleaning or trenching, Diekemper Excavating is a phone call away.


    Residential excavation can involve adding a small room addition or transferring dirt for your custom-built home. We also specialize in grading for a level landscape, digging basements, or to help with surface drainage. Mini excavators, bulldozers, backhoes, skid-steer loaders, & more.


    We can help with the prep work for your new dairy barn, dig pits for manure handling or help with erosion control issues. For your agricultural excavating services, we can help with demolition, foundations, utility lines, land clearing, grading & more.

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    Basement Excavation
    Subdivision Development
    Agricultural Areas
    Land Clearing
    Agricultural Areas
    Tile Plow

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      Excavation is the first step in creating a solid foundation

      If you are building a new home, having a strong foundation is very important.

      Expansive soils can cause serious damage to homes over the years. This is due to their ability to soak up water. Part of the excavation service is ensuring that your home is being built upon a sturdy foundation. Once the actual excavation process begins, we follow the report which lets us know where to dig. The last step in the excavation process is the ‘open hole inspection.’  This is when a geologic or soil engineer surveys the site. They then inspect the soil to ensure it matches with the report. Construction projects can take between three and four days. Sometimes up to three weeks.

      Digging foundations isn’t a DIY task

      Without a durable foundation, your structure could start showing signs of damage associated with a faulty foundation.

      Excavation is all about precision. Due to the heavy equipment needed, it can also be very dangerous. The purpose of a foundation is more than just being able to support the weight of a structure. It also is in charge of keeping moisture out of your structure. If moisture does seep into your framework then your building would be at risk. Furthermore, they also provide protection against earth movement. Earthquakes aren’t the only reason for making the ground under your building move. It is also caused by road traffic, running water, and other disturbances.

      Common reasons why foundations tend to fail are due to your backfill that surrounds your foundation has too much water. It also could not be cured properly. Laying your foundation is also a dangerous task.  There’s the possibility of collapsing trenches, enormous amounts of dust and sandy debris, and the list goes on. With the risk of injury, digging foundations should never be a DIY project.

      Grading and Site Preparation

      Having your foundation laid out correctly is always important.

      If your foundation is off slightly, that will impact your entire building. The best way to avoid this is with a professional grading service. Having the right grading makes a project that much smoother. This helps avoid water pools building up and ensures flat spaces. Having proper grading and site preparation can also benefit your landscape for years to come. Without it, your garden beds are at risk of flooding and other drainage issues.

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