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    Your Professional Excavator New Baden, IL

    You can rely on your professional excavator in New Baden, Illinois to ensure your foundation is ready. Diekemper Excavating specializes in excavating services for commercial, residential, and agricultural properties. We are a family-owned business and take pride in putting our customers first. Our team is dedicated to bringing you customer satisfaction. Diekemper Excavating can help with:

    Drainage Ditches
    Basement Excavation
    Residential Excavating
    Agricultural Excavating
    Commercial Excavating
    Utility Lines & Pipes
    excavation services new baden il

    Basement Excavation New Baden

    Do you need a basement excavating service in New Baden Illinois? Diekemper Excavating specializes in excavation for all customers. We own all our equipment necessary to get the job done. This helps reduce our client’s cost due to no rental fee. Construction projects are always stressful, but the key to success starts with a sturdy foundation. Diekemper Excavating can work on homes that are just undergoing the construction process and ones already built. If you want a basement for your home, contact Diekemper Excavating today!

    Subdivision Development New Baden, Illinois

    Are you a soon-to-be residential homeowner or a commercial company looking to expand your subdivision development? Diekemper Excavating can help. In order to have a strong and successfully constructed residential property, it needs to have a strong foundation. We help with your foundation and backfill, install your underground utility lines, flat prep, and more. Other Diekemper Excavating services include:

    Tree and Brush Removal
    Clearing for Roads
    Erosion Control

    Agricultural Excavation New Baden, Illinois

    Diekemper Excavating can also help you make your farm or agricultural land more efficient. We can install drainage ditches for a water source for your plant irrigation, dig trenches for bunker silos, pits for livestock waste disposal, water management, and erosion control. Furthermore, we can also clear your farmland. If you have agricultural land and want professional excavator services, call Diekemper Excavating.

    professional excavator new baden illinois

    Bunker Silos:

    Used to store grain at a much lower cost and is a high-quality feed. It also eliminated the cost of maintenance of silo unloaders and feeds your cattle quickly.

    Manure Pits:

    It is important for a farm to deal with its livestock waste management correctly. We have a selection of earthen basins, concrete pits, and glass-lined steel tanks. We make sure that your groundwater is properly protected, and the pit performs as designed.

    Land Clearing:

    We have bulldozers, mini excavators, skid steers and plenty of heavy equipment to help clear your land.

    Tile Plow: This is a form of water management for agricultural land that helps remove water from the subsurface of the soil. Excess water to your subsurface is not optimal conditions for farm machinery and causes problems with root development and soil degradation. Diekemper Excavating tile drainage process can improve your quality of crops and production, help reduce soil evaporation, provides well-aerated root systems, and prevents harmful buildups of salt in your soil.

    Excavation services are important to get right the first time.

    That is why you should trust the professionals at Diekemper Excavating who have been providing stable foundations, land clearing, agricultural services, and other professional excavator services for the past 40 years. Call us today for an estimate!

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